Friday, September 25, 2009

Mood Swings

Have you ever found yourself snapping at your spouse or children for no other reason than you feel like crap?

You are not sick you just dont feel 100%. I am here to tell you that you can do something about it. Really and truly you can. I have watched a complete transformation in the way I have felt over the last month. Wanna know my secret?

Every time I felt crabby, had a headache, felt tired, anytime I felt off I stopped what I was doing and I thought about what I had most recently eaten. Now I did not cut any food out of my diet right away, I tested this theory by eating the foods I thought were causing my moodiness again and paying extreme attention to the way my body felt for the next couple of hours.

After I had tested my theory and I was right, I started cutting those specific foods from my diet not all at once, just a little by little, stil paying attention to the way I felt after I would eat.

Now this worked for me because I wanted to feel better, I dont want to be crabby to others when there is no need for it. I made the choice to make a change myself. So for me this wasnt that hard, because I made the choice to give these up and I dont regret it or crave it because I know that I feel better for not eating those things. Have I slipped and eaten something on the list, of course, but I almost immediately had to rush to the bathroom and I felt like crap for at least 2 hours following.

I am not telling you that you HAVE to do this. I am simply saying pay attention to the way you feel emotionally and physically about an hour after you eat anything. Eating better is not about giving things up, it is about making the CHOICE to to eat food that makes you feel good.

And you know what? It is a choice you do not have to make. But if you make the choice then make it because you truly want to, not because someone else does or because you feel you have to. If you can make the choice with 100% confidence in your decision, then you will not crave the food you are choosing not to eat.

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