Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Makes a Warrior?


What makes a Warrior?

The word “warrior” summons up a powerful image. We envision a giant man clad in armor and wielding a mighty sword against impossible foes such as fire breathing dragons or armies of trolls. A warrior possesses certain traits that all men admire and are supposed to emulate. These traits are courage, strength and honor.

Courage is what gives the warrior the ability to charge forward against the monsters he faces. Strength is for fighting and pushing on against insurmountable odds. Honor is the moral fiber that guides the warrior even though the unrighteous path would be easier. Put together, these are the things that make up a hero of legend.

It has been said that courage is not the lack of fear, but the ability to continue in spite of fear. Strength isn't just a physical trait but is also reflected in a persons will and determination. Honor can be the focus to better oneself and to not give up and take the easier, darker path.

To me, my wife is a warrior. She was overweight to the point of unhealthiness. She had countless factors against her that one might use as excuses for why she would always be overweight. Things like hormonal imbalances, medications, glandular irregularities and physical injuries but in spite of them all she pushed on. In spite of fear of utter failure she pushed on. With a strength of will I have seen in no other she pushed on. And though she could have chosen the unrighteous path and simply settled for “fat & happy” she was focused on making herself better and pushed on.

Like a mythic hero she has accomplished things that seemed impossible. Her foe was larger and more powerful than dragons or trolls. It was her own mind, her own body, her own lifestyle. All of the world fought against her. But in spite of these insurmountable odds, she pushed on.

She has lost more weight in the past 9 months than most people do in a decade. And she is still pushing on.
I am so very proud of her.
I love you Hyla.

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Cat said...
How lovely, romantic, sweet, kind and supportive! What a super post. I loved reading this.
oh_mg said...
This was so beautiful - how lucky you are to have such strong real-life support!


  1. This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. hiya & thanks for joining my hop!
    you & your blog rock -- 'nuff said!
    i am your newest follower & i am adding you to my blog roll!



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