Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving Forward

As I mentioned in this post  the local running club had a Resolution Run on the first and although I could not make it at 4pm, I went and did the 5K route at 1pm.  Before I left the house I friend I hadnt seen in quite a long time mentioned that she gifted herself a membership to Weight watchers for her birthday which is also the 1st.  I mentioned that I was leaving soon to walk and asked if she wanted to join me and she did!  So we walked and talked and caught up.  My time wasnt that great but I am happy with the fact that I got out there and did it!

The running club planned on doing speed training tonight, I wouldnt be able to make it because of hubbys temporary work schedule, turns out they wont be able to do it today because it finally snowed here! It's been long enough.   

I would like to start my training program for running a 5K from Sparkspeople today however it is supposed to feel like 1 degree outside.  So when hubby gets home from work I will just play it by ear.

That is it for now! 
Oh except for the fact the the scale has gone up 2 pounds for two consecutive days now, so I really have to keep any eye on what I am consuming and how much.


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  1. Nice pictures! Are you on Spark? If so, I'm Bre7482 on there. Although, I'm not super active on there, so on second thought you might not want to look me up after all lol! I hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. Im on Spark but I rarely use it. Im trying out the DailyMile and I log onto myfitnesspal to log my weight but I never explore any of the sites.

  3. I'm on Dailymile too, but I'm not super active on there either.


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