Friday, October 29, 2010

Expanded Version of The Last Post

So, rolls eyes, about 1 week after I injured my knee I fell outside the college.  It was after I had worked out for an hour and I was leaving.  I was walking down the black top sidewalk that is rounded off on the edges.  Someone was coming towards me and smoking so I tried to get over as much as I could to avoid the cigarette smoke and I went down.  My ankle rolled off the sidewalk and I heard an awful crunch.  Many people stopped and the campus police came.  I eventually got up and was hobbling towards my van, I was going to drive home using my left foot, when my friend came driving up and offered me a ride home.

We make it to my house and by now I am in immense pain, my husband came out to help me inside and just then another friend of mine pulls up to our house.  Now I havent seen her in about 4 weeks because she moved about 45 minutes away,  and we hadnt planned on hanging out so it was a bit of a shock to see her!

Everyone wanted me to go to the Urgent Clinic or the hospital and since my friend had shown up, she offered to take me, so hubby could stay home with the kids.  So hubby helped me back out to her car and she put her baby back into the car seat and we started off.  About two minutes away from my house her car stopped in the middle of the road.  It had run out of gas.  It was funny, it was.  Here I am injured and she has her baby in the backseat and we cant get a hold of her husband, my husband is home with our kids and no car seats so he cant come and help.
So we called the first friend back, by now she was in another town but she came to the rescue, she drove back and stopped by her house for a tank of gas and met us in the middle of the road.  Now there is a cop stopped behind us with his lights flashing so we wouldnt get hit.  Of course this slows the traffic down and everyone is starring.  My friend tries to start her car up and..... the battery is now we are laughing hysterically!  So the second friend turns her car around the wrong way, having to drive up onto the grass so that she can jump start the car.  It was a big mess.  About 2 hours after I got injured was about when I arrived at the Urgent care.

When I finally got seen, they put me in an air cast, crutches and told me I was on bed rest for 1 week.  I had majorly strained the outside tendon in my ankle.  I had to slowly work my way off crutches and when I went for a check up a month later, they said I should still be in my air cast if I am going to be on uneven ground, but if I wear my air cast then I have to use the crutches because it is impossible to wear the cast and not use crutches because of the way it holds your foot.

So now I start physical therapy on the 4th and I most definitely feel defeated when it comes to the weight loss.  I keep getting injured because of my weight and then I cant work out because I am injured.  It's like a never ending battle.

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