Friday, January 6, 2012

Running Safety

I mentioned that I have started running, during the summer I like to go really early in the morning when there isn't much traffic and it is cooler outside.  But now Im going in the middle of the day when it has warmed up a bit.  Either way I need to be careful.  

Firstly it is not recommended that headphones or ear buds are worn while running because it causes the runner to be less aware of their surroundings.  When I ran yesterday that was the first time I had gone running without music and since I was focused on the timing intervals I was fine.  The next time I go out with music though I am going to keep the volume done.  

Lights are always a good idea.  Bright LEDs help others see you, drivers are especially drawn to lights and reflective surfaces.   And if you catch their eye they are aware that you (or something) is there. I picked up these lights with free shipping on my trial Amazon prime account (remind me to cancel that before the 11th);

This one above is the Ziplight Easy Zipper Attach and comes in a package of two with extra batteries!  I strung both onto my hoodie zipper, they are very bright and easy to turn on and off.

This one is the ASICS LED Light and is about the size of your palm.  It has strong magnets in between the front and back pieces and in the center is the button that turns the lights on and off.  There are 5 setting options for the lights, you can have them static, rotating, flashing, etc.  This device is light weight but the magnets are very strong.  Once you turn the lights on you put the back on the underside of the fabric and the lights on the outside.  I ran yesterday with this on and felt very confident that I would not lose it and I also could not feel it bouncing against me or dragging down my clothing.  I will wear these lights all the time because you never know when the weather is going to change around here!

Any reflective gear is also helpful so consider that when purchasing your workout gear.  The running pants I picked up have reflective strips down the side.

Yaktrax are helpful for my safety since I live in a snow and ice winter state.  I felt extremely comfortable with these on my shoes and my foot did not slip once yesterday when I was running or walking.  The ones above are the Yaktrax walkers and they work fine for me but yesterday per their company website I also found out that they sell Yaktrax pro for runners!  It looks like the only difference is that there is a strap across the top.

This is the headgear I purchased for extreme temperatures, Under Armour Cold Gear, make sure that if you are buying gear for extreme weather that you check the tags or listing description.  If it is rated for cold or hot weather it will tell you if the company strives to make clothing for outdoors.  Of course some companies only make activewear for the gym so it wont be rated.  You have also seen how I decorated this piece so it doesn't look like I am wearing underwear on my head, but they also have black, navy, and graphite as an option.  I will also have to cut small holes in the front for my breathe so it doesnt fog up my glasses.  So look for that option if you are going to buy one of these and wear glasses on a daily bases or plan on wearing sunglasses when you go out.

You can also get lights for you shoes and make sure that you are wearing a pair of shoes that fits properly.  When I bought my current ASICS I went to an early bird sale at Kohls at 7am, there was practically no one else in the store and certainly not in the shoe department.  Every time I tried on a pair of shoes I jogged up and down the main aisle and I finally found the right pair that were comfortable everywhere on my foot.  You can also go to places like Fleet Feet or Endurance Monster and have your feet measured and fitted properly. I plan on doing this next time.  Im not sure if Dick's Sporting Goods does this but it might be worth a quick phone call if you dont have any other options.

Another tip I just learned from a fellow runner is that you should apply thick moisturizing cream to your legs often, even if you drink a lot of water.  I have noticed that my legs itch really bad at night so I have been keeping a jar next to my bed and applying liberally.  He had an awful story though of running in the winter time and by the time he ended the 5K his legs were bleeding and in bad shape.  So keep that in mind.

One last thing that I never leave home without is my Road ID, there are many different styles including ones for your shoes and interactive ones.  On a popular running blog I constantly read stories of runners, walkers, or cyclists either being hit or losing consciousnesses.  Medical personal are trained to look for medical accessories such as these and you can list your birthday date, phone number, emergency contacts and blood type.  I feel a lot more confident wearing one of these.  I also purchased one for my hubby, who never exercises, but now rides a moped and I remind him to put it on before he leaves!

Of course you will also need a hat and gloves.  At first I felt confident with my everyday gloves but soon found out that I cant use my ipod without taking them off, so then I got the transforming gloves that have the mitten part that goes over the tips but I think I am going to invest in those gloves with the special finger tip.  I have been thinking those are so dumb, but now I feel sheepish because I can see the use now. :S

That is it a think, what do you do for workout safety?


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