Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Started!

I started the 5K Your Way from Spark People.  It is cold outside, it's supposed to be in the part of the country but I was enjoying not having any snow.  Well it's finally here and since hubby went back to work, he is on the school schedule, and the boys went back to school I have to admit that I have been hiding out in the apartment.  Ohhh it's nice and warm and cozy in here!  

Have a ever mentioned that I hate snow?  Because with it comes the melting and the re-freezing and then you have ice.  But today when my hubby came home to eat lunch I put on my big girl panties and then I put on some leggings and workout sweats; a workout t-shirt, my hoodie, my running lights, a hat, some gloves, grabbed my water bottle and my ipod; put on two pairs of socks, then my running shoes, and finally my yaktrax.  Then I started the clock and went for it!  21 minutes later I was done, hubby was heading back to work, I grabbed a quick shower and a pumpkin chocolate smoothie.  Then realizing that was cold, I finished it and heated up some ham slices for lunch.

I really feel motivated now!  I had a fear that I had purchased the equipment to run in this weather but that it would sit around collecting dust.  I felt really confident with my yaktrax on and my feet didnt budge once. 

The only thing I did wrong was to not take my inhaler before I left the house so I needed that as soon as I got back but I wont forget next time!  I feel confident with the 5K Your Way program as well.  I didn't want to restart the Couch to 5K program because I felt like I was slightly more advance than the first 3 weeks since I have already concluded them and I didnt want to go back that far. 

I made sure to stretch when I got back home as well.  that really makes a difference for me.  I stretch before and then again after and I found that I don't hurt the next day when I do.

That is all for now!  Do your workout and then cuddle up at home because you've earned it!


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  1. Now that is dedication! :) Good choice on making the purchases for safety.

  2. Thank you! I am going to share links to those specific items in my next post!

  3. Oooo, running in snow! I could never do that, even with yaktrax... I am such a scaredy cat :)

  4. Good for you! I am not so sure I would have run if it was so cold.

  5. Great job Hyla. I'm still trying to talk myself into starting exercise in the great outdoors! You're a trooper:)


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