Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello All!

Are you surprised to see me after class?  Well it is the very first class, a class I thought might be canceled because it was supposed to be 11 below freezing.  It actually was not that bad this morning when I went out.

However Im not here to talk about today I am here to talk about last night.  Yesterday I ate dinner at 4pm, usually we eat at 4:30-5:00 but the kids were hungry and my slow cooker was done and it smelled so good, so I ate early.  3 hours later, when I remembered that the food in the slow cooker (which was on warm) needed to be put away, I smelled that delicious smell of the chicken and dumplings and saw the steam rolling off the top and though about how chilly I was and how much it would warm me up...
So I had another bowl of chicken and dumplings at 7pm. (I still stayed within my daily points)

Now a little bit history is that I used it eat a snack after 7pm every night.  I figured my insomnia stemmed from my depression.  However last night I was enlightened.  Enlightened by the fact that I was having hot flashes and that I could not go to sleep at all.  I could feel my tummy churning, not in a sick way just "Im working down here" way.

I came to the conclusion that last night I was not able to fall asleep until 2:30 in the morning because my stomach was busy digesting the late dinner.  It was awful being up that late right before my first class of the semester, thankfully I had an extremely good book, Shadow Fever by Karen Marie Moning, I had wanted to finish before school started to keep me company (I finished the book).

No more eating after 7pm for me.  I have heard it is not good for weight "kicking to the curb" anyway so I've checked it off my list.

Tonight we are trying a new recipe, one that I am very excited about, Baked Potato Soup, yum!  Wish me luck because if it turns out fantastic I will post the recipe up soon!


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