Websites I Use

Bloggest Loser - Where I originally started my weight journey.

Spark People Fitness Map- You can track your distance, time, and calories burned for free.

Couch to 5K - Think you might want to start jogging?  This is a great and free program to use to build up your distance and stamina.

Daily Mile-Track your distance and share with like minded people.  Free.

My Fitness Pal  -Add my, I am Hylian over there!  You can use this site much like Weight Watchers, though you count calories instead of points, it is free and the site personalizes it to you!

Weight Watchers - Need someone or a group of people you see once a week to keep you accountable?  Check out the Weight Watchers program, I love it!  First meeting is free so plug in your zip code and look for one that fits into your lifestyle!

Great Clothing Exchange - For Weight Journey Bloggers who need to refill their closets!  All you pay is shipping!

Listia - Sign up and receive bidding credits.  List some of your items and more more bidding credits.  Use your credits to bid and win clothing or other items you want/need!  It is all free! (Sometime you may win something that requires shipping payment, but you will see that in each individual listing)  I havnt used this yet, but I want to keep the website for the future, so I am posting it here!
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