Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life Gets You Down

Last week I injured my left knee in my PE199 (which is my second PE class with children), on Monday. And the doctor said to take a break from working out and try and keep weight off of it. He also said when I started working out again to avoid the treadmill for awhile. So on Friday I came back to the gym and I did the rowing machine for an hour and I worked out on Monday and today, Tuesday.  I did the rowing machine and the bicycle.

Today when I was leaving after working out, I fell really hard, and I twisted my right ankle and heard a crack. I got a ride home and then to the Urgent care and they took an xray. The doctor said I have a major sprain in my ankle and Ive got to stay off of it for 3 days and then Im on crutches for at least two weeks. In a week I have to get a check up with an orthopedic.

 I feel like Im working out to loss weight, but because of my weight I keep getting these injuries and then I have to "take it easy" and I feel like I am not going to see any results.  I am so depressed.  This is so depressing.  This sucks.  How am I ever going to lose any weight?

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