Monday, August 9, 2010

I Need To Do This For Myself Post Six

So last night I walked a little over a mile!  And the best part was that I enjoyed myself!  Instead of focusing on how I felt while I was walking I checked out the houses and yards on my walk.  This morning I feel a tad bit sore but that is ok.  Friday, my friend N and I went for a walk, it was pure torture because the hill we came back on was ludicrous!  AND we were pushing strollers, me with my two girls and N...she had it harder bc her baby wanted to breast feed and was screaming so she had to carry her baby, try to soothe her and push the stroller up that damn hill one handed while trying not to bumper car me!  She is a trooper!

School starts soon, I cant believe it is coming up so quickly!  I will have a circuit class this semester which means that I have to go to the school gym a certain amount of time a week to pass the class, so hopefully I can also keep up with the walking and this will all help my weight loss.  This week it is supposed to rain all week, if it is not pouring I will still walk.  And maybe it will cool this weather off as well.  Zoo on Thursday morning with the kids, that is a lot of walking!

Goal for tonight: Walk when hubby gets home for work!

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