Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weight Watchers Day Two

Keep in mind when you look at this that hubby let me sleep until 11am.  So I missed "breakfast", also when I went to walmart I purchased two of the Weight Watchers snack cakes which I tried after dinner.  The lemon creme cake and the carrot creme cake were both good.  Although I would take the frosting off next time.  Have you ever bitten into something that still had the wrapping on it, like a cupcake?  Well that is what the frosting taste like except sweet.  They aren't very big either, probably the size of....two thumbs stacked on top of each other.  The packaging is also currently wrong because Weight Watchers just switched over to the Points Plus system and all of their food products are still reflecting the old system (it wont switch over until all of that has sold and the stores start bringing in the new stuff.)  So instead of being 1 Point, like the box says, when I plugged it into the online tracker they came up as 3 points a piece, which  can be a pretty large difference to your daily points.

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