Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ch Cha Cha Cha Changes

There have been some major changes going on with me.  Besides the fact that my clothes are starting to feel bigger, I've thrown out some of the larger more hideous pieces that I HAD to wear and I am looking forward to a new wardrobe eventually.  I am waking up early feeling refreshed without an alarm (unless you count kids) and ready to go, don't mistake this for becoming a morning person, I am still a grouch in the morning.  However I am not sleeping until 1-2 pm in the afternoon.  I look forward to planning meals for the week, going grocery shopping and cooking every single night!  1 month ago I would NEVER have made a meal, I would have sat on the couch and waited for my husband to come home, feed the kids, me and himself in one hour and then leave to go back to work.  I am positive that our old couch has a detailed impression of my a$$ in it.

Now I dont ask the kids to do everything for me, I get up and take care of it because I feel like I have the energy to do it!  I really look forward to making dinner!  I actually like to exercise which I learned last year but I had to stop because of my injury.  Now that I have started again I dont feel like I am starting from scratch.  I am not out of breath I dont have to push myself to finish as much exercise as I did last year and I am enjoying it.

I think the hardest point in exercising is minutes 3-5.  If you can get past 5 minutes it gets easier, at least for me it does.  I love seeing the progress on the scale and in the way my clothes fit.

I am a little afraid that this Tuesday I will not have lost anything because of how much I lost last week.  How could I possibly lose anything after a 4+ pound loss?  That is making me nervous.  But I am going to keep on going.

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