Friday, January 28, 2011

A Great Article on The Best Cardio Exercise

An excerpt;

"To Improve you Must Track Your Progress
Again, like weight training you must constantly change your variables to make progress.  It may seem obvious but if for example you run a 10 minute mile and have the goal of an 8 minute mile, you must try to run faster than 10 to improve.
If you exercise at the same intensity over and over again you will not improve.  The SAID principle says it all.  Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands means you if you want to improve you fitness, strength, tone up, burn fat, lose weight you must perform exercise which will cause the stimulus.
Just because you lose 5 pounds from your regimen on the elliptical machine in the first week does not mean you will lose 5 pounds every week.  Your body can adapt to even the best cardio exercise rather faster.

Why is Your Heart Rate so Important for the Best Cardio Exercise ? Your heart rate is by far the most important variable for the best cardio exercise.  Heart rate during exercise determines your intensity."

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