Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Fourth Weigh In

So it has been one month on Weight Watchers.  I was feeling really excited while I was waiting in line to weigh in.  Remember last week I made a goal to lose 3 pounds so that my total "kick it to the curb" weight for my first month would be 10 pounds.

The line in front of me gets shorter and shorter.  I am feeling really good about my weigh in despite the fact that I had a big lunch and split a dessert with my hubby and Chili's today.

One of the weigh in woman says she has an open spot.  I look in front of me and there is no one there....it's my turn.  I walk up to the scale, take off my boots, give her my booklet and sign in.
She tells me I can step on the scale, I don't hesitate.....
She jots down my weight across the table while I sit down and zip my boots back on.  She looks up at me and says...



...Your total loss this week was 4.6.
Me: What?
She says it again.
Me:Your kidding me?! 4.6, did I hear that right?
Her:Yep, 4.6 bringing your total to 11.6 and your 5% goal is only .8 pounds away.
Me: Kick ass!  That is Awesome!  I am sooo excited!

So yeah, I am more than 10 pounds lighter this month!  Woot!  Woot!

Im so excited and I just cant hide it!

P.S. I never noticed how inappropriate this song is until I saw the video!


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