Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Pink Tree!

This is our small pink tree that usually sits on our dining room table during this season.  Typically I decorate it with fairy ornaments but this year I adorned it with our Irish ornaments and our few owls.  We usually pick a theme for our big tree each year and this year we are doing fairies and dragons!  We've done this before but I can;t help but be excited I love fantasy!

In other news I haven't stepped on the scale in a couple of days but I have been really good with food and drinking lots of water so I am hoping that the next time I step up I will see something below 170...

Here are a few of the ornaments;


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  1. My sister wanted to get a large pink tree for Christmas, but could not find a large one so she has a traditional tree. I took an Irish history class over the summer and loved it. It looks like such a lovely place and I would love to visit some day. Some of my favorite pictures my professor showed us from his trips there included the high crosses, so I absolutely love your ornaments!


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