Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So I know that a couple of you that I follow are running now.  I've been out for months, because of illness and excuses, but I plan on rectifying that right after Christmas!  I do not want to pay for a gym membership that I wont use and I dont have run or the money for my own treadmill.  So I plan on running outside, in the snow and ice.  Now, I asked hubby for some of these Yaktrax for Christmas, but if I don't get some I am going to try the screw show which is a cheap and easy do it yourself!

Oh and I also joined a new facebook group for runners in my area!  I am hoping this motivates me to get back on track.  And as long as my monthly has settled down tomorrow, I plan on getting up early for a walk, because I havent been doing that lately either.  So I am going to start with that and then by next week, I can get back into running.  By the way, I am in upstate New York and we still have no snow, it's in the 40's.  I hate snow but I am very disappointed with this no snow for Christmas :(


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