Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Schoooooolls out for Christmas!

Well at least I am out for the semester!  Kids are still in!  I am done with my tests, homework!  So today I had plenty of excuses not to go for a walk, I mean I havent walked in like a month, right.  I put on my exercise clothes, came downstairs to get my hoodie out of the dryer, but it was still wet.  I checked the temp outside and it was only 25....I was warm and snuggly inside and my daughters were begging for my attention.  I had plenty of excuses;

 But I put on my nice red jacket and I went!  I went pretty far too, for not having gone in awhile.

Before I left I had my husband take some pictures of my in my workout outfit because it was soo freakin loose!

 This is an odd picture but I was trying to show how baggy they were in the back!  They are super long too, now they are not all over my butt!

These were taken when I first bought this outfit back in May of this year!

And a comparison of the two
Even the bottom of my legs are thinner!

And one more piece of good news 167.4 was my weigh in this morning!!!

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  1. What an amazing difference.
    All the hard work you're putting in is really showing great results.
    You've inspired me to get stricter with myself again.

  2. You are so inspiring! You can really see the difference in the before and after pics. You are doing great! You look wonderful!

  3. Thank you Bella! P.S. We've known each other for awhile, huh?


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