Friday, January 27, 2012

One Week Down

Hello Hello!  Thank you so much for the support on my last post!  It really helps pull me through the tough days. There has been a lot of them this week!  School has been pretty amazing, 4 of my classes are 4 hours long once a week!  Yikes! And then I have one 2 hour class.  I already have an arm full of homework for this weekend.  I am also going to be a student worker as well, which means 3 8am mornings a week, blah!

This week has been a roller coaster ride that is finally over.  We had found a house last week that we were absolutely in love with, we couldnt help grinning like fools when we drove by, but the taxes are too high.  We had a real estate agent telling us we could afford it and a broker telling us he wasnt sure but he would do his best.  So it was up down up down up down.  Very emotionally draining.  Yesterday there were a lot of tears finding out that it wasnt going to happen.  Even this morning we had a sliver of a moment when maybe, just maybe, but then it was CRUSHED yet again.  And quite finally.  So even though I am in love with the house and it is everything we could want and more AND there are no other houses on the market currently that will fit our needs, I've got to move on and keep moving forward.    I let myself be REALLY depressed for 24 hours and now I've just got to get back up and keep going.  

My girls are REALLY sick, up all night with bad chest congestion and just plain miserable.  They are just kinda laying around today not wanting to eat or really do anything.  We took them to the doctor earlier this week and were told that it was a virus.

Life Drawing class was my first class of the semester and we started right off with a nude model!  I was really anxious but once we actually started drawing and painting, I didn't even think about it anymore.  Ive been too exhausted from classes to even think about running.  I think I might fit in a run tomorrow.

One week down of classes and 14 more to go.  I am really glad to be off the roller coaster of emotions.  Of course I am still bummed about the house.  

I did get on the Dean's list last semester though and I was told it was printed in the paper.

That's about it for now, Ive got to focus on my son's upcoming birthday party.  Sorry for being all over the place today and thank you again for the support!  I will do a comparison picture soon and a list of things I enjoy now that 100 pounds are gone!


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  1. So, so, so sorry about the house. I know it's disappointing, but wasn't meant to be. You will fall in love again:) Have a good weekend!

  2. Congrats on the dean's list, you smarty, you! :)

    I believe buying a house is right up there in life stressors with getting married, having a baby, death in the family - it's not for the faint of heart. Hope you find something that works for you soon.

  3. I'm sorry about the house. I went through that when I was looking for one. I hope you find another that you love just as much soon. I hope your girls are feeling much better soon. I can't wait to see the 100 lb comparison post...very excited for you!


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