Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School Starts

School starts on Monday!  And I have another full schedule which means I might not be around here much for the semester.  I am taking 3 art classes, Painting, Life Drawing, and Expressive drawing, and Conservation of Natural Resources.  I am excited to start school again because it will mean that I will be moving more.

Right now I think I am stuck on a plateau.  Mainly because I am not putting as much into as I have been.  I went to a Weight Watchers meeting last night and bought a calculator so I could start tracking again.  Now I just need to do it.  I will do it as soon as I finish this blog post.

I went running two days ago, today is another running day but I am going to wait until tomorrow when hubby has the day off and I can do it in the morning and I will *hopefully* be off my monthly, which really hasnt been as bad as usually but it still makes me unmotivated and mopey.

Having not hit the 100 pound mark has made me a little depressed as I am about 3-4 pounds away depending on the day.  I want to hit that mark but maybe I am not ready emotionally yet.  I think that is it, every time I hit a plateau I feel like I am using the time to adjust mentally and emotionally. 

I have had the book The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey recommended to me several times the last couple of months because of the way my husband and I live, without credit cards and car loans, and because we want to buy a house.  So I checked it out from the library and it has been sitting next to me for about 5 weeks.  I finally picked it up yesterday, after yet another recommendation, and began reading.  I covered about 1/3 of the book and got to the first baby step which is to take control of your budget and save $500 fast, within the next month.  So I have sat down and budgeted our next paycheck and put aside a little for the saving.

This process reminds me of Weight Watchers, your first goal is to hit your 5% and then your 10% and then 25 pounds, then 50 pounds and it just turns into a snowball and keeps going.  I feel comfortable with his makeover so I am going to give it as much energy and time as I have my weight journey and it will pay off.

Ch Ch Ch Changes are in the Air!

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  1. School started for me last week and I'm taking 5 classes, so between that I work I completely understand how hectic your life will be. I actually have it easier than you because I don't have a family to take care of. You'll hit your 100 lb mark soon and I'll be right here cheering you on. Best wishes with the Total Money makeover too!

  2. Hyla, perhaps you are plateaued...for now. This will happen for you. Think of how far you've come:) When you are ready your weight will move. You are awesome!

  3. I certainly understand what you mean about needing plateau time to mentally prepare for your next milestone!

    Good luck with your new semester!

  4. Dave Ramsey goes harrrd with saving and teaching. I like his style, good luck to you!


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