Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time For A Food Adjustment Reflection

First let me share this

I was getting ready to go for a run when hubby comes home for his lunch break and I paused in the mirror and just looked.  and then I GRINNED!  I am so happy with the person looking back at me!  For the first time in a long time, I am no longer avoiding the mirror!  I have not had a shower or brushed my teeth or fixed my hair BUT right here and right now, this is the person I LOVE!

This is what this blog is about.  This is what all the hard work is for.


Last night at the Weight Watchers meeting we discussed planning ahead.  Here is am example of not planning ahead.  
Hubby coming home to eat on his lunch break: What's for lunch?
Me: I dont know
Him: Well I could have peanut butter and jelly but what would you have
Me: no idea
Him: I dont really want peanut butter and jelly again, I had it twice yesterday
Me: I could have another swamp slushie but I had that for breakfast
Me; I guuueesss Ill have that, sigh
Hubby: so Im eating peanut butter and jelly again, cause I dont really want to
Me: Well what do you want?
Him: I dont know
Me: Well Im having the slushie, so if you really want something else (take out) you have to say it, cause Im not saying it
Him: Fiiiiiinnnnneee, Panera?
Me: Its not my decision (although he knows I want it) if you want it you have to say thats what you are getting
Him: :sigh: Fine Im going to Panera

and that is how it goes when there is no planning ahead.  Take out, it's never Micky D's, Wendys, Chinese, Arbys, Pizza, anymore, its either Chilis or Panera (which just came to town, damn you!)

Yesterday after my meeting I went to the grocery store and picked up the stuff to make pizzas at home and chicken chili.  But I could always use the excuse that I dont want to cook to get Paneras again.
Guess whats in the oven? Pizza! Yum!
Guess whats for dinner? No Bean Chicken Chili! Yum!

And eating at home always makes me feel better about my choices, it tastes better, and it is healthy for me.
I need to practice planning ahead much more often.

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  1. Planning? What's that..... Planning equals success, you're right. Good post and example.

    I love that you love you! That IS success. Be the happiest, healthiest you. You're.Worth.It.

  2. You're gorgeous:) I haven't bought lunch once this week. You know why? I planned ahead:)

  3. We have a Panera too. I love their broccoli and cheese soup, but looking and the calorie and fat content has made me think twice about it. I also love their bagels. You look positively radiant in your more recent pictures. In older pics, you smile and look like you are happy that you've lost weight, but lately there has been a little extra shine or glow to you when you take pictures.

  4. Thank you Briana, I am scared to look up the points value of the turkey, bacon, cheddar half hot sandwich!


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