Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hey, it's been shitty here

Yep, it has, after my last blog post I got heinously sick, so sick one of my professors took one look at me and sent me home, it-was-bad.  

Following that, I drove our motored scooter into a light pole and had a nice ambulance trip to the hospital.
Out of the 4 people I heard of that got into a "motorcycle" accident, in a span of those three days,I was by far the luckiest.

After that I started to get better, even getting up early to walk and run one morning.

Then the next morning one of my kids was sick...

3 hours later I was heinously sick again.

It's been a lot of fun recently.  Thankfully I am a dedicated student, so (I hope) my professors know that I am not bullshitting.  Plus I could produce doctor's note if need be.

Oh dont get me wrong, there has been some good news interspersed here and there, but I wont jinx that by putting it on the blog, so you'll have to wait.

It's Easter, and the only way the kids got it this year was because my mom brought the stuff she had purchased for the kids over with filled eggs AND then brought their left over Easter dinner over for us.

BECAUSE my WHOLE freaking family is Absolutely 100% heinously sick! Remember that is 6 of us, that is alot of over the counter medicine, Im sure somewhere there is a file with our credit card number on it getting the attention of FBI drug agent.'s pretty amazing.

Don't call here unless you speak cough.

Don't come to the door unless you are looking for the Apocalypse.

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  1. It's good to hear from you Hyla. I wish it was with a better report for the last few weeks :( I'm so glad your scooter accident wasn't worse, it sounds pretty scary! And I hope that you all feel 100% very soon... It's bad when one member of a family is feeling sixk, let alone all of them! Can't wait to hear a little more about the good news :)

  2. So sorry you all haven't been well. And a motorcycle accident? My goodness but you have not had luck on your side. Hoping things pick up for you real soon and we see more of you again. Miss reading you:)

  3. sorry to hear. Feel better soon!


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