Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Seeing Red TMI

Im sitting here with a plate full of fresh baked cookies, made by my hubby, and I am, "sea"ing red.
I HATE this time of the month. This time where I am more evil than usual, when my excuse for everything is Leave me alone, don't you know I am on my period, How many times do I have to tell you this?

And last night I actually said to my husband "Do you need me to stamp it across my forehead in red letters?? Quit asking me what is wrong, I've already told you"

Yep. That was me. I said that.

The worst part is I already did this the first week of the month. That is what happens when you start messing with your body chemistry. You start using different birth control, you quit taking your allergy meds, you start eating nutritious food, add in a little exercise. And what do you get for pay back? A extra screwed up cycle that decides to fling it's worst in your face!

I hate the feeling of everything falling out down below, it's gross and dis-concerning.

"So you have a headache, get over it, at least your not dropping piles of blood out of your penis, STFU!"

I am not a nice person when Aunt Flo comes to visit. Why can't she take a hike for good. I mean I am done having kids, why is there not a surgical procedure that just takes all of that out? Why cant I donate all of my working functions to a woman in need? Huh? I mean seriously, someone needs to get on that, ASAP!

I wish I could go back to bed, but hubby has class of course. Then there is the first Cub Scouts meeting tonight for my oldest. I hope I can get hubby to go, because I am not in the mood to try on jeans that I have not worn for two years (I was pregnant). And it is damn cold outside.

Where the hell is Fall? Did she get tossed into a river somewhere by Winter? Why isn't anyone out investigating her disappearance?

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