Monday, October 5, 2009

Jelly Legs

I feel like Im melting! I had errands to do today. So instead of taking my van I walked. It probably was a great idea, but it doesnt feel that great!

I walked to the post office, the bank, the grocery store, and walked by a friend's house. My friend was supposed to be home, she told me online before I left she would be home, when I got there, soaking wet and knocked on the door, she didn't answer. WTF?!

So yeah, back to the soaking wet part after I left the post office it started to get dark and forbidding looking outside. I figured I'd be fine, it would wait until I was back at home. Wrong, it started sprinkling moments later. I figured, well it's just sprinkling it will stop soon.

WRONG. A few minutes later it started raining harder, I reached the bank, water dripping down my forehead, my glasses covered in raindrops, and rain dripping down the top of my chest, I know, sexy right?LOL

So I get my stuff done at the bank and I look outside, it looks like it has slowed a little. I start walking to the grocery store, it starts raining a little harder. Im thinking, the people driving by think Im crazy, I wonder if my son's bus will drive by and he will point me out? I am not wearing a jacket, even though there was a slight breeze when I left.

I reach the grocery store, wet and getting a little cold. I grab the item I need, dismiss the need for a bag and head back out. Now Im going over to A's house. She said she would be home, she knew I would be walking and stopping by. It starts pouring! POUR-ING.
I guy walks towards me with a jacket on and a hood, before he gets to me, he crosses the street. He obviously thinks I am the crazy one, I am usually the one that crosses the street. :sigh:

Im still walking towards A's house, it is closer than mine, I figured I could go in and call my hubby, let him know Im fine. I am almost to A's house I just have to cross the street. I look both ways and cross, a truck comes barreling around the corner, I try with all my might to jog or even speed walk, something to get across the street, this of course does not happen, my legs do not obey, they feel like jello. I get there, completely soaked, not flattened by the truck. I knock once, wait, twice, wait, open the screen door, knock once more. Nothing absolutely nothing, yes I am a little pissed.

So I start walking home. The sun comes out the rain clears, the breeze stops and I start to warm up. I finally arrive home soaking wet, I climb up the stairs, strip off my wet jeans, wash my hands, and collapse onto the couch . My legs start doing that rabbit hopping twitching thing. You know when you exercise and then your muscles start thought....ev..erbody's.....did

I ask my husband why on Earth he let me do that. He replies with something like "Im not going to get in the way" or maybe it was "I dont get any say" Im not entirely sure.

Now I sit here, still soaked writing this post for you. I actually feel pretty good. I guess it was a good idea, could have been a little less wet though.....

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