Monday, January 11, 2010

Juice Fast Update 2

So I caved last night for dinner and I had a chicken pot pie...........and a couple of mini reeses peanut butter cups................

But I did not eat anything right before I went to bed, I wasnt hungry! Usually I am hungry and I eat a sandwich right before bed, but last night I didnt even think about it!

This morning I weighed myself and I am at 230.1

This morning I used a container of blackberries, mango, 2 oranges, and a giant round pear. It looked like it was going to taste nasty, but it is actually the best tasting so far! The mango did not juice very well at all and it clogged everything up. So I would not recommend using a mango.

Also if you try doing a juice fast, you need a juicer, not a blender and not a citrus juicer. You only want the juice, none of the fiber. The way the juice fast works it you are giving your body the vitamins and other good stuff that you need, but nothing to digest. Because your body doesnt need to waste energy digesting anything, it can focus eliminating the toxins from your body. It does this through the skin and the lungs. When I was reading up about this, it said not to be surprised if you feel the need to shower a few times a day and you could have wretched breath.

Also I wanted to add, at no point yesterday was I starving, I got hungry as usual but then I just went and juiced some fruit. The reason I caved is because I had a really deep yearning to eat something, which probably comes froms eating every day of my life for 25 and a half years!

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