Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Need To Do This For Myself Post Three

So yesterday was awesome!  I met people Ive known online for 5 years but never met in person!  They were exactly as I expected.  Nice and down to Earth.  We met at a local dinner for ice cream instead of them coming over to my home, but I still got a clean house out of the deal.  I brought my best friend N, and her baby K, with me and all the kids and hubby.  Hubby got a large basket of fries for everyone to share, I passed on the fries and just had a small ice cream.

Later we came home and had garlic pizza.  Then N and I went to the mall to do some wedding accessory  browsing.

When we got back it was late but the guys were watching a movie that still had 40 minutes left, so I threw on my shoes and went for a walk, N came with me.  I think all together we walked 30-40 minutes.  It was good to have someone to chat with but I think that made me more winded.  I definitely felt it last night when I got home and a little this morning.  But not enough to not make me want to stop.

Goal for tonight: Walk 15 minutes out and then walk home.

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