Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If I Lost One Pound Each Week of 2011

By Valentine's Day
I'd be 7 lbs lighter! Im loving it!

By St. Patrick's Day
Id be 11 lbs lighter!
With the luck of the Irish I'll make my goal!

By Easter
Id be 16 lbs lighter!
Id be a cuter bunny.

By Memorial Day
Id be 23 lbs lighter!
Won't let it rain on my parade.

By Flag Day
Id be 25 lbs lighter!
Boy could I wave my flag then.

By Independence Day
Id be 27 lbs lighter!
That's a neat declaration of Independence from overeating!

By Labor Day
Id be 36 lbs lighter!
What a wonderful reward for all of my hard work.

By Columbus Day
Id be 41 lbs lighter!
What a joy to discover what I can do.

By Halloween
Id be 44 lbs lighter!
I didn't think I had a ghost of a chance.

By Thanksgiving
Id be 47 lbs lighter!
Id have so much to be thankful for.
By Christmas Eve
Id be 51 lbs lighter!
Talk about being merry!

By New Year's Eve
Id be 52 lbs lighter! 
It's not just a new year, it's a new ME!

This was not written by me.  It is a poem that was read by the leader at the weight Watchers meeting.

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