Saturday, January 1, 2011

In Other News

I hurt my ankle...again.  Last night.  I was leaving and my foot slipped off an ledge of ice I didnt see and my foot went in towards my body and my leg went down and I heard a crack and it fucking hurt!  (yes I know some people dont like the F bomb, Ive already been told this on my Facebook this morning.  But I am making a conscious decision to use it, because that is the best way to get across how much it hurt.  Im not taking away your right to choose not to read, so please dont berate me on my choice to use the word)

So moving along, I hurt my damn ankle, the same one.  This is the third time in a year.  If you dont think that motivates me even more to lose this weight then you would be REALLY wrong.  If you take Medicaid for payment and own a chainsaw, please make an appointment with me to remove said ankle.  Then I can get a bionic foot/ankle and never have another problem with that part of my body again.

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