Wednesday, January 19, 2011


2 Slices, 100% Whole Wheat Weight Watchers bread (super yum, super soft)
3 slices Hormel 100% All Natural Honey Turkey (found in the sandwich meat aisle)
1 tsp organic mayo
1 each, small red, orange and yellow pepper

PointsPlus (TM) Points: 4 (!)

This sandwich is something I put together and is super tasty!  Eat slowly and wait 10 minutes after waiting and you will feel full.  This sandwich stays with you for a long while also.  I have never put peppers on my sandwich before but I bought those little cute peppers and I wasnt sure what to do with them.  The package said they were mild, so i chopped up one of each and put them on my sandwich.  It ended up being one of the yummiest sandwiches Ive made at home.  These peppers give it a tiny little kick and at 0 points it is more food, a power food (which I will explain in another post), and colorful!

Now I am going to go stretch out whole making my kids some lunch and while they are eating I will get out my rowing machine and do my 15 minutes!


Update:  I did it!  I did my 15 minutes on the rowing machine.  Now Im icing my ankle.  And now I feel sick, i should have waited another 15-30 minutes after I ate to work out!  Blech!  Ill sit here for 20 minutes or so then go take a shower.

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