Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Next Morning

Alrighty, I am back after a good nights sleep and negative 7 total pounds is awesome!  I have a new daily allotment of points which is 1 less than before and my goal for the next meeting is to lose 3 pounds so my total weight loss in the first month will be 10 pounds!

 I am very excited about this prospect so I have devised a plan.  I am going to start working out just a little each day.

Wednesday (Today)- 15 minutes on my rowing machine
Thursday-Dig hubby's car out of the snow and shovel that part of the driveway.
Friday- 15 minutes on my rowing machine
Saturday-Dig out a path to the swingset and dig out the swingset
Sunday-15 minutes on my rowing machine
Monday- any suggestions? (remember that I am unable to walk for exercise right now)
Tuesday-15 minutes on my rowing machine


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