Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shoveling Snow

Again, I was shoveling snow.  I dug out hubby's car which has been sitting there accumulating snow since before Christmas.  I was out there for 40 minutes and I had to come in once to get a different pair of gloves and have hubby warm my hands.  Good exercise and you dont get all hot and sweaty!

Today we ate out at Chili's for lunch, I had a chicken sandwich on a wheat roll with swiss, bacon, no fat honey mustard and lettuce, YUM!  I replaced the fries with steamed broccoli and carrots but they covered those with shredded cheese so I passed on them.  I left full but not exploding.  I had a water with lemon to drink, first because their drinks (read lemonade, we don't consume alcohol) are pricey and they are also a ton of points.  My sandwich was 16 points but still fit into my daily points!  And having just finished dinner, some heated up baked ziti, I still have 12 points remaining for the day!


Update:  Hubby had less points than me! With Baked Potato Soup (YUM, he let me try some) (7 points), and salad with croutons and Caesar dressing (6 points).  He limited his dressing by dipping his fork into the dressing and than spearing the salad.

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