Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I am Looking Forward to Owning

There are things that I am looking forward to purchasing when I have lost the weight.  And it is helpful to think of them when I am getting moody.  One of these things is a coat by Katwise.  I wont spend that much on something that I will grow out of but I simple LOVE them!  I imagine that I will be getting one that looks like:
or perhaps one like this:

*swoon*  I cant help it, they are just so beautiful!  I have been sick of buying "whatever fits at Wal-fart" for more than forever now and when I lose the weight I am going to reward myself!  So when I lose 100 pounds this is what I will start saving for.  And by the time I have enough money than I will be at my ideal weight to own one of these beauties!  Katwise has a Facebook page and if you LIKE it you will get a heads up when she is going to post new works of art.  If you dont follow it, it is highly unlikely that you will ever own a piece from Katwise because they sell out in seconds!  Im not joking.

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