Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Son's Birthday Cake

So today was (one of my) son's birthday party. And I made the cake.  Let me just say it looked amazing!  It had a building with the evil characters peering out of the windows, Robin on top (with Batgirl) shooting his grappling hook down toward the bat signal (the bat signal that lit up! The bat signal that I engineered, with a couple of tips from Hubby).  It had a custom figure from near the bat signal that had on my son's signature red hat and shirt (his favorite color).  Batman was swinging down the grappling hook line to give Sheamus his birthday balloons.  One of the 5 candles was the bat mobile and the rest of the candles served as street lamps...... Yeah it was pretty damn amazing!  I had the idea in my head and I am kinda shocked that I pulled it off!  So check it out, if you click on the picture it should open in another window and then you can click on it again to enlarge.
(In this photo I have finished frosting it, but I want it to harden up some more before I start putting crazy stuff on it, so I put it back in the fridge.)
It was a double layer cake, with double fudge with chocolate chips on the bottom and dark chocolate cake on the top, drizzly fudge in the middle and lots of chocolate icing!

 (Here is me, proud mama and cake maker with the finished cake)
 (The bat signal, that is has been customized to include a real working bat signal and now my son can use it as a flash light, also comes with a red blink setting that looks awesome on the ceiling!)
 (Batman coming to the rescue with the balloons for Sheamus)
 (Robin and Batgirl)
(Catwoman, Riddler, Harlequin, and Joker)
 (grappling hook, batman candies, batcar candle, "streetlamp" candles)
 (Custom lego man of my 5 year old, Sheamus.  Also a closer look at the bat signal)

And yes I did eat a piece and I had more later!!!!  However I am still within my points range because you get 49 extra points for the week!

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Eschelle said...
that cake is amazing i love your Bat signal!!
Hyla said...
Thank you!
Lindsey Lu said...
OH MY!!! I love the cake. Super creative. Happy bday to your little guy!

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