Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Night Weigh In

Sorry I have been MIA, classes are getting into the swing of things which means lots of homework for me and less posts for you!

Let me talk a minute about choices.  If you saw the previous post you know I made a HUGE double layer chocolate fudge cake for my son's birthday.  Well of course not all of it got eaten at the party and of course it is one of the best cakes I have made to date.
The next day I could not keep from thinking about that beautiful scrumpdidliumpscious cake that was sitting on the top shelf of my fridge.  I thought about wating it every second of every minute of every hour that whole day.

It was gnawing at my soul!  I cut a small piece for lunch and it was sooooo very hard not to just take fork to the whole thing.  Dinner came around and after the kids were done eating I cut a pretty good size piece for each one.  There was still soooo much cake left.  I cut a big piece off for hubby and wrapped it up on a plate.

Then I called my mother and practically begged her to come and get the rest.  Which she did.  Thank God.  I knew I couldnt survive that cake.  It was a trigger and it was so hard holding my own against that cake.  I am glad it is gone!

In other news I kicked .6 to the curb!  Which brings my total to -15.2 !

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Need to Get ME Back said...
You ate the cake and had a loss, sweet! I hate having stuff like that sitting around! Too tempting..
Lindsey Lu said...
congrats on the loss and for ditching the cake. Cake is a love of mine ;) hard to pass up! I try to eat a piece and give the rest away like you did. Its hard!
Hyla said...
Thank you !!

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