Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Want A New Purse!

I usually get a new purse every other weather season and it's about that time.  Hubby keeps complaining that he cant find anything in my purse and I want something funky and fresh.  I can not find anything!  I want something eco friendly, and under $50.  I like handmade but I am trying to buy less on Etsy because of their horrible customer service to their sellers.  Artfire does not have a big enough selection for me.  I have tried looking at Novica, Fair Indigo, Google, Amazon, Kohls, Target and even the unspeakable place that starts with a W.  I am not a floral girl but I want a bright color or something awesome made with recycled/upcycled materials such as bike tires, straw, flour sacks, coffee sacks, wrappers, etc.

It can not be huge, which seems to be the new trend.  I dont want to carry my child in it, however I do need space for my wallet, cell phone, iPod, and keys.  Wristlets are too small, I know I would lose it or one of my kids would hide it.  I have decided that I like the hobo bag look.  I do not like the across the body bag and it has to have some kind of shape to it.

Any suggestions?  I have found a lot I love but I just can not do it budget wise.


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