Saturday, February 19, 2011


NSV=Non Scale Victory

Today when I went in to get clothing for my kids, I looked in their mirror, not a full length mirror but closer to the ground than any other mirror in our home.  I saw a waist starring back at me!!!!  I am getting my hourglass figure back!  Woot!  Woot!

Yesterday I took the kids out back to play on their swing, it was mid 50s!  Today is another story, it like a blizzard out there!  I had to take out two of the kids to get their hair cut, yuk, the roads were bad!

I've been finding it much easier to get up and do things.  I have much more energy than before.  I used to dread peeling myself away from my comfy sofa, now I almost can not sit still!

My husband is losing weight by proxy, he is making much better choices in what and how much he is eating.  When he went to get the pizza the other day, he told me how they had Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars sitting on their counter for a dollar a piece.  He said he really really wanted to buy two of them and he knew he could eat them before he got home and I wouldn't be any the wiser.  I am so proud to say that he did not give in and buy the candy bars.  I also have to say that his face has slimmed down and he t-shirts are fitting better over his belly now!  The best part is that he does not feel deprived and that to me is the most important thing.  If he felt deprived he would go back to his usual binging.

That is all for today, I see Spring in the air, so it's time for a little cleaning out of toys and clothing!


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Need to Get ME Back said...
Thats so great to have a partner working at the same goal as you, since you can motivate each other.

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