Monday, February 21, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow is weigh in day and to say I am a bundle of nerves would be about right.  I REALLY REALLY want to hit the 20 mark and to make that happen I would need a loss of 4.8.  EEKS!  I want this sooo bad!  When I hit the 20 I am going shopping for a new outfit and updating my sidebar pictures.

I saw on my Facebook updates that there is a contest coming up at the college for walking.  I dont have all the details yet but you form a team, sign up and then walk.  I think whoever logs the most miles wins, but again I dont have any details yet.  I am definitely signing up and I need to find a pedometer, anyone have any suggestions?

I know I have been neglecting the recipe section this week, really we have just been recycling what I already have in there and also these amazing Southwestern Turkey Burgers from Greenlitebites.  I am also waiting for a cookbook to come in the mail from her site as well.  The burgers are so good that my hubby (who is a huge fan of beef) said he would give up beef burgers if I made these for him every time he was craving a beef burger!  That is some serious sh*t!

My advice for today is;  Don't be afraid to substitute ingredients you have on hand for ones that you do not.  Most of the recipes listed here are exactly that.  I saw a recipe and I made it but might not have had half of the ingredients and I just tossed in what I did have in the same amounts.  You can do this for the meat, spices and vegetables.  The only you can not do is substitute olive oil for vegetable oil when you are making something sweet.  If you need a substitute for that use margarine, butter, or applesauce.

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