Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Night Weigh In

Hey everyone,

Hyla here with my weekly weigh in!  Tonight at the meeting I weighed in with a total "kicking to the curb" of 12.2 pounds and a weekly "kicking to the curb" of .6!  When I saw the .6 I was a little disappointed but when I saw the total 12.2 I felt a lot better to think of it as a whole!  Yeah!

We already know the college is closed tomorrow even though there is no snow yet (well we have snow, but it;s not snowing).  And so far the elementary schools have not closed, hmmmmm.  Well I have another day to do my homework.  Of course Ill be missing my workout at the college gym, maybe Ill go out and shovel some snow.  Ill wait to see how cold it is!  Brrrrrr!
Stay warm!

Until  next Tuesday,

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