Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I Look Forward To Owning - Red Boots

I am in love with these boots!  When I lose the weight I want to own a pair of high heeled red boots!  I refuse to buy them now because they wouldn't fit around my calves and I would kill myself, or more to reality kill my ankle and back.  The first pair are from Halloween Express  for 44.99 and the second pair are from 5th Floor Productions for $72.  Not crazy about the prices, I would look for them on Amazon or Ebay before plunking down the money for either pair, but I can't help what I want!

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Eschelle said...

that second pair of boots is HOT HOT HOT i must have them... damn fat legs!!! lol

Hyla said...

LOL Eshelle!

Eschelle said...

wow i just clicked that link saw those boots again and yelled at my hubby "I MUST HAVE THEM!!" then i scrolled down and read my comment and started laughing lol!!

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