Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Weigh In Was Tuesday

And it is now Wednesday night...

Well I DID kick some weight to the curb, I kicked 2.2 pounds which is fantastic, however it's not 20, so I am slightly disappointed. But HELLO I am at -17.4 which is Awesome!  So -2.6 next week, I can do it!

Hubby is under the weather today, a stomach thing, I swear to G if he gets near me...

Well let's just say he had better not.  That is not something I want.

P.S. I got my cookbook in the mail yesterday the one I mentioned in the last post or perhaps it was the post before that.  I am going to go look at that now.  Have a lovely night and keep doing what you are doing to kick it to the curb, we can do this!


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