Saturday, October 22, 2011

Im Back!

Sorry I disappeared.  This has been a heck of a week.  I aced my midterms and got the highest grade in English class, woot woot!  I survived today which was my eldest son's Angry Birds birthday party AND my husband had me make him a birthday cake yesterday night, so we have two cakes in the house...

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday.  Everyone keeps saying it is no big deal, I'll feel better afterwards, I won't even miss it.  This is my first surgery.  I am scared.  they are taking an organ out of me!

I had another gallstone attack Thursday night, that was not pleasant.  I am going to try to get slightly ahead in my classes just in case.  

That is about all on my end, except we have to get pumpkins carved before my surgery...

Here are some pictures from my son's party

Piggie Posse: 5 balls for the life size game and 1 pinata 

The setup; pig balls and cardboard boxes VS the kids with the bird balls!
 Golden egg relay race
 Pin the tail on the marmoset, from the Rio Angry Birds game

 The bird cake!  He seriously looks scared for his life, right?
 Trick candles!
 Gathered at the table playing one of the lego games he received for his birthday.
 These next few pictures I flipped but apparently don;t want to stay that way, so you'll just have to turn your head or your screen sideways ;)
White bird that drops eggs in the game
Pig Pinata

Giant golden eggs for the egg hunt.  I didn't get pictures off it, it was over too fast.

Monkey board

Bomb bird

The party was a success!
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