Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's Celebration Month Around HERE!

Yesterday was my oldest son's tenth birthday!  Woah!  10 years!  He wanted an Angry Birds cake so I made one up really quickly for that night.  We plan on having an Angry Birds party for him on the 22nd with his classmates and family.  But tonight was just about our little family, I say little but there are 6 of us!

Tuesday is hubby's birthday, he wants his own cake!  So I've got to make up another one in the next couple of days! 

Of course we have Halloween coming up!  Not only does that mean Halloween candy but it also means our 6th Wedding Anniversary!  I am avoiding the candy aisles.  But cake is my binge food.  I LOVE cake!
Last night though I only took an average size piece and I did not go back for more!  Awesome!  I am so proud of myself for that.  

And it makes me realize that food doesnt control me as much as it used to.  I used to be obsessed with food, I wouldnt do anything without first considering how it was going to affect my next meal.  While eating one meal I would be thinking about what I would eat for the next one.  I do not do this anymore.  I also used to become a crazed b*tch as well when I was hungry and while I still have those times, it is not happening at every meal every day.  That in itself feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I can live my life and I will eat when I am hungry and I will not overeat.  I will try my best not to overeat.  

How is your weekend going, any celebrations for you this month besides Halloween?  I know one reader said that she also had her sons birthday, I think on the 6th?

What costumes have your children chosen this year?  My kids keep changing their minds but I think they have finally settled; witch, pirate, vampire, jawa(sp) from Star Wars.  They were going to be a bunny, pony, batman, and jawa...oh well

Today I *think* I might go clothes shopping at Target.  It is a beautiful day out, the nicest we have had in 4 weeks, but the hubby has a tooth that needs to be pulled and it is bothering him.  So I dont think he is up to doing a family outing today.

What are your plans for today?

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