Monday, October 10, 2011

Well That's One Way

to control cravings...

So I had a dentist appointment today for a filling.  It was a back tooth and the first shot was so painful he had to stop half way through and it didnt take.  So he shot up my gums instead.  Now mind you, this happened at 1pm today, we left at 2:30pm today and it is now 4:53pm today and half my face is still numb and feels like it is falling off.  

So hubby made tacos for dinner, to me they didnt taste good.  I ate the better part of one but I didn't eat anymore.  I walk into the kitchen to put away my plate and what should I spy on the counter?  One of those mini cakes from the grocery bakery, I looked at my husband a bit miffed and say What the hell is this?  Of course he gets his puppy dog face on and explains, since he has to have two teeth pulled tomorrow morning on his birthday he wouldnt be able to enjoy any cake that I make him.  And so he thought he would buy this small cake that we could each have a bit of after dinner tonight.  He has to get to work at 5pm so he cuts off a small piece for me and a quarter (maybe more like a third) of the cake for him.  I make him blow out a candle (well a match because I couldnt find the candles fast enough before he dug into his piece) and sing him happy birthday.  

I take a bite after him and at the front of my tongue the cake tastes bland so I keep chewing and then it hits the back of my tongue and I gag.  It taste like metal and I am thinking, maybe it was just the fork I was tasting??  So I take another bite and as soon as it hits the back of my tongue all I can taste is rust!  It tastes like I am sucking on rust! Gross!  I had to spit it out!  I am not going near that cake again even though I know it is just the numbing medication.  But I will tell you what...that is one way to control cravings or binge-ing!  That was awful!

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