Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Skinny Jeans Are The Only Ones Not Making Me Feel Fat!

So I bought a pair of skinny jeans for the first time ever!  I bought them to wear with my slouch boots.  I have already explained that Aunt Flo is visiting this week and is being very harsh with me...  

There is nothing that can make you feel fatter than her visit.  Nothing.

I think I tried on ten items of clothing this morning.  They all made me look and feel fat and I was not comfortable at all.  I finally reached for my skinny jeans thinking it couldn't be any worse than what I've already gone through this morning.  No pinching on the waist from these jeans!  Ahhhh comfort...from an unexpected source.

In other news, I think I am going to make some Halloween chair covers.  I am planning on making pumpkin covers with stuffable brown stems, that way I can stuff them with newspapers and pack them flat for storage. And I would like to cut out a bunch of jack-o-lantern faces so the kids can play around and switch up the faces.  That is the plan....we shall see if it works out!  Also I want to make some garland with these pumpkins, so cute and you could do so many things with them, plus they are so simple!

It is yucky here today how is the weather there and what are your plans today!

Until next time,

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