Saturday, October 29, 2011

Starting to Feel More Human

I highly suggest, especially if anesthesia makes you nauseous, that you have some Dum Dum suckers on hand.  AND do not leave the hospital without a prescription for anti-nausea medications in your hand.  Crackers and gingerale will do nothing to alleviate the nausea. 

Also the anti-nausea medication tastes like bitter crap so makes sure you have your water in one hand while you the throw the pill in with the other and immediately drown it down your throat.  You do not want that sitting in your mouth.
Today I have eaten.  I woke up feeling ok just slightly sore.  I had a dum dum sucker and then a small piece of homemade banana bread.  I did not vomit, I have not vomited all day and I havent needed to take the anti vomit medication either.  I took it twice yesterday and it was a godsend. 

Lunch I had another dum dum sucker and then a very small bowl of honey comb with lactose free milk.

I just had 4 hot croissants, don't judge me Im recovering!  They were good! 

I am exhausted.  Yesterday I feel asleep at 4:40ish, woke up about 8:30ish, very disoriented because I couldnt hear any of the kids and it was dark outside.  Came downstairs and watched one episode of Vampire diaries on Netflix and then was ready for bed again.  Feel asleep and didnt wake up until this morning.

I think I am ready for bed again.

Im so glad I seem to be able to eat again!  I dont feel happy, but I am thinking happy thoughts.  Right now all I feel is exhaustion.

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