Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Switch Witch

My review from 2009 from Green Earth Journey:I recently received a book to review. It's called The Switch Witch and it is just in time for Halloween! The Switch Witch is written and illustrated by Charity A. O'Neill-O'Kane. The Switch Witch brings out a delightful new fairy tale for children. Our family is a huge fan of fairy tales, imagination, and myths, which make childhood so much more fun for our kids and us! So when I heard of The Switch Witch I knew this was perfect for us!

The Switch Witch is a beautifully illustrated story that my children loved listening too. My eldest son especially enjoyed the little boy's name, Gavin, because he has a friend in class with the same name!

The Switch Witch is a story about a witch who is friend's with a little boy, Gavin, who enjoys going Trick or Treating. When the witch sees the ill effects of the candy on the boys teeth and his stomach, making him sick when he eats to much, she comes up with a plan.

The Switch Witch tells the little boy to pick out 3 of his favorite pieces of candy and to leave the rest near his lit Jack-o-Lantern when he goes to bed. When he falls asleep the Switch Witch arrives and blows out the lit Jack-o-Lantern and leaves a wonderful book in place of the bag of candy.

In the morning the boy rushes to see what the Switch Witch has left for him and finds the book. He loves it and completely forgets about the candy, besides the book will last for years and he can read it over and over again!

The Switch Witch
 book is great and we will definitely begin incorporating this family practice starting with this Halloween!

We have incorporated this book and tradition since 2009.  While I was a little sad to see their candy go and felt a little guilty about it as well... the kids have not mentioned it once!  They have loved getting their Halloween books and do not bring up the candy what so ever!  

Another way to deal with candy is to listen to the local radio or call into your local radio station and ask if there is a local dentist who is buying candy back.  I have heard about one in our area for a couple of years now and they will give you a dollar for every 5 pounds or something like that.  My husband can bring the candy from the kids back up to his work and the college students can add it to their Freshman 10!  

I don't need it or want it!  That is how I am dealing with Halloween candy this year, how about you?


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