Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am Overweight!

I am overweight!  Now you may be thinking, why is there an exclamation point, and I will tell you why...It's because I am no longer considered obese or morbidly obese!  Whoo hooo!  That is something to be proud of!

Now of course I have a couple of people telling me I need to stop kicking weight to the curb that I am small enough.  When I tell them I am still considered overweight, they just look at me and say "well you are getting too skinny".  Are you kidding me?  These are adults that are the same height or slightly taller and with teeny tiny waste.  Who are you to tell me when I am healthy and feeling good.  This is working for me, let me keep on keeping on!  Overweight is not good enough for me, I want to be healthy and I want to run! 

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  1. Congrats! I'm longing to be considered "overweight"

  2. WOO HOO! Congrats! You should totally be super proud - I'm here doing a happy dance for you!!!

  3. Fantastic! What a great a achievement :) I get a little frustrated when people say "surely you are going to stop losing weight now?" as though I am looking emaciated LOL Glad to know it's happening to others as well!

  4. Oh yeah, its happening to me, I think it is such a change for them it makes them uncomfortable. But Im like, seriously look at me from the side, I still got weight to lose!


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