Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Balled My Eyes Out! No, This is Not an Exaggeration

This is my brothers car.... well..... let me just tell the story.  So this picture was taken 1.5 years ago when my brother drove up in his new car, a Lotus Elise

stock photo

This car is tiny, like the size of a hot wheels car.  You could fit this car in my extended back mini van, seriously.  That is me in the picture up there in the grey dress.  There was no way I was climbing in for a ride. The seats are tiny . My nana, who is a tiny thing got to ride in it and I was jealous.  One of the things I looked forward to while kicking this weight to the curb was my brother coming up to visit and me being able to fit in those seats and getting a ride in a true sports car!

So my brother calls two nights ago and tells me he bought a new car.  I asked with a choke in my voice if he had sold the Lotus and he said he had traded it in.  I lost it. My brother asked if I was crying and I squeaked out a "yes". He asked me why and I told him that I had been looking forward to finally fitting in the seat so I could go for a ride. I seriously lost it, I started choke crying so hard.  

...I had no idea that was inside me.  I have a little tear in my eye as I am typing this.  I had to put the phone down to do some deep breathing and regain my composure.  My husband was trying to sooth me while I was trying to explain that I had no idea that I felt so strongly about this experience and goal.  My brother was apologetic which he shouldnt have been because I had never told him about that.

but WOWZA!  HOLY Comoly!

When I was crying, it was from deep within, it truly was and I had no idea it was lurking there.  Life goes on and there are so many other things that I will accomplish.  It just really shocked me and I needed to share.
My brother's thoughts on my crying was "wow, you must really be dedicated, that is a good thing!"

For those that keep asking: He got this Lexus CT Special Edition


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  1. The good news is you WOULD have been able to fit and take a ride. The better than good news is that you shall not miss any other goals. Go after them, take what you want because you've earned it.

    That car is sexy.... hope he got one just as cool? :)

  2. I totally understand this. Sometimes, seemingly small things can be completely monumental without our even realizing. After I had lost my first 65 pounds, my iPod died and I had to get a new one - it ended with me sobbing, totally just bawling my eyes out, in the middle of the Apple store. And that wasn't even goal-related!

  3. Mary you are awesome! Some day we should get together!

  4. Oh Hyla, this almost made me cry! Moments like these are truly the ones I live for in my weight loss journey so I can completely sympathise at the sadness that would come with having one taken away :( But as Miss April says, you 'would' have fit in that car seat (and yes, that car was NICE!)
    ps. Thanks for the wonderful comments you have been leaving for me, they make my day :) And congratulations on all your achievements so far! You look amazing!

  5. maybe you can find a dealer who will let you test drive one... :)


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