Thursday, December 29, 2011

Underwear on My Head

It is getting blustery, finally, in NY.  I hate bluster.  I plan on going to the 2012 Resolution Run on the 1st for the local running club.  It's free, all distances and speeds welcome.  Yesterday my face mask came in the mail, still waiting on my yaktrax and my lights, but it wasn't too icey.  So I popped it on and went for a walk/run.  I walked a third of it, ran a third, and then walked a third home.  I didnt go out too far, but the point is, I went out.  I think I am going to get down my fabric markers and permanent markers (which p.s. work just as well as the fabric markers if you heat set them like you do with the fabric markers) and put some designs on the face mask because my ten year thinks it looks like Im wearing underwear on my head.... Yeah, I thought I would get the white one so it would be more visible in the early mornings, didnt think about the snow..., and it looks like Im wearing underwear on my head, LOL!  I was warm enough everywhere except my legs, I had workout leggings on but they are not winter weight, so I need to get some of those.  And my feet were cold too because my shoes are vented and so are my socks, so those need a remedy.  ALSO my glasses kept fogging up, any tips on that because I had to take my glasses off most of the way and when there will be ice, well that's just not safe cause I can't see much without them.

Here are some pictures from my walk last week;

No, I wont go that way...

Looks like a middle finger!  This is a piece of a tree that grew around the wire.  Ive seen shoes and those orange balls before but never a piece of a tree!  Guess they couldnt safely cut it off so they left it there!

How do you do?

These next two pictures are so cool!  I was editing them and I was like "where the heck is that, I dont remember taking that picture"
 Then I turned them around

Poor sad Christmas decorations, we didnt get any snow!


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