Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Sorry, I havent been updating.  I've got long school hours and we are still looking to buy a house.  I am still sitting at 100 pounds gone and I am not actively trying to kick more weight to the curb at this immediate time.  I really feel good at this weight and I am not sure if I want to keep going.  So I am struggling with that, but I guess struggling isnt the right word.  I am comfortable here.  I havent ran since school started, that I am struggling with because it is something I want to do but I am not making the effort at this point.  Why? Well I have excuses, not sure if any of them are really valid, well some of them are, but I have taken steps to get back to the point at which I need to be.

I know that one of my fears with kicking more weight to the curb is the ever growing apron.  I am already uncomfortable with it and it will only continue as I continue down this path.  And no matter what anyone says, family, friends, whoever... it is not going to get better with weight lifting and exercise because lets face the facts here people!  I kicked 100 pounds to the curb and no amount of crunches is going to get rid of that or make it smaller!  

And yes I get it, you are kicking weight to the curb as well, but unless you have kicked a significant amount weight to the curb, which you havent because you dont have it to get rid of, you will never know!

Anyways, going to look at two houses tonight.  We are still stuck on the Cato house but it needs some significant work and we just arent sure if we want to move forward with it...


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  1. 100 pounds is a fabulous place to be. Do what makes you happy. Truly happy. You deserve it!


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