Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello,  It's been a little bit.  I doing good.  I quit my art assistant job.  I felt like I was always on the go and when I was home I was exhausted and I was not getting any quality time with my children.  I was always exhausted.  Working, full time student status, raising for kids, taking care of a household, and house searching turned out to be just way too much.

I had to scale back and I did.  And I feel like a small weight has been released because there are less expectations demanded of my time.  

Everything now is kinda in a stand still.  We saw two houses that would work for us.  I checked out the schools in the that area and I was thoroughly impressed.  Hubby likes one of these homes really well.  I am not sure yet, I need to actually see it again in the daytime.  Because there was no lighting and it was getting dark.  So we will see.  On that front we are waiting on the bank to make a decision before we go out and see it again.  My real estate agent doesnt want us to get our hearts set again and then have it fall through.

My weight, hmm, well I am still sitting at 100 pounds gone.  I havent had any time to focus on myself.  I am ok with that though because I need to get used to this body.  I am not motivated yet to keep reducing my waist, I am content with my progress so far.  My running is at a stand still, mainly because I havent had any time to devote to it.  Now that I have quit my part time job I see myself getting out there again.  It really helps with my motivation and energy levels.

My brother is competing in the Boston Marathon this year and the plan is for me to be out there supporting him and I am very excited about that!  Soeaking of my brother he has issued me a challenge.  He apparently weighs a lean and tall 149 lbs and has said that if I beat him to 140 he will give me $50.  Like I said, not quite motivated yet, but I will get there.  I need to do this at a rate which allows me time to get comfortable where I am before I continue to push forward.  I know it's coming.

Not much else to report, like I said I am at a stand still, but this is definitely better than the go, go , go I am have been doing the last couple of weeks.


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